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Santiago de Chile is the capital of the country. It is a modern and safe city listed in the top three cities with the best live quality in South America. The city has both huge skyscrapers and parks where you can enjoy quietness and nature.

Santiago city center

Santiago de Chile starts from the Plaza de Armas, where the main streets and avenues are born and spread through the city. Close to it you can find big monuments such as Metropolitan Cathedral, Municipal Theatre and Palacio de la Moneda, headquarters of the President of the Republic.

Hundreds of years of history are kept in the museums, a must-see during your days in Santiago: the National Historical Museum, the National Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Chilean History.

If you want to eat and enjoy, you have to visit the Central Market, the best place to discover the Chilean gastronomy. It was declared National Historic Monument in 1984.

Hills and Parks

Every urban visit requires a dose of nature. In Santiago you will be able to visit huge parks without leaving the city.

A 10 minutes’ walk from Hotel Tempo Rent is enough to reach the Metropolitan Santiago´s Park, where you can go up to the Cerro de San Cristóbal, the highest hill of the city. There you will find an impressive view of the Andes. You can also visit the zoo, the pools and the statue of the Inmaculada Concepción and its sanctuary.

In Lastarria neighborhood is located the Cerro de Santa Lucía, where you can enjoy the best views of the historic center. It is also located the Hidalgo Castle which protected the city in the past.

Providencia neighborhood

One of the most modern areas in the city is the Providencia neighborhood, where the Central Business District is located. It is full of skyscrapers as the Santiago Tower, the highest building in South America rising 300 m high.

The Costanera Mall Center is one of the biggest malls in South America and is a few steps away from Tempo Rent Hotel. It is 260 000 sqm. Along with galleries and streets full of shops it makes Providencia a reference shopping point.